The ultimate heavy lift, long endurance commercial workhorse your business can depend on.

The new SteadiDrone VADER has been developed and designed to offer the most advanced, heavy duty, heavy lift long endurance multi-rotor sUAS available, with features and quality you simply won't find on any other system.

A reliable tool for everyday commercial and industrial applications, with a massive payload capacity and wide flight envelope, the VADER folds down into a compact travel case, smaller than any other system of comparable size, it's the only option for serious aerial professionals and industry.

The SteadiDrone VADER is an 'open' platform which is not payload, camera, sensor or even flight controller specific, it's ability to fly just about anything, mounted underneath or right on top of the unit, along with its rapid deploy folding design and other unique features is what set's it apart from the rest, designed from the ground up, to the sky.

Key Features

  • Retract Landing Gear

    Durable retract landing gear for unobstructed view under the VADER, key when shooting video with a 3 axis gimbal. The landing gear are also removable with a quick release for easy, tool-less setup or storage.

  • Open Platform

    Choose your camera, sensor or payload, mount it, fly. It's really that simple with the VADER's open payload bays which allows for bottom and top mounted payloads, gimbals and more.

  • Payload & Endurance

    With massive payloads and endurance over 50 minutes, the VADER is a revolution in design that will change the way you think about flying.

  • Rapid Deploy

    Our unique 'Rapid Deploy' airframe design found on all SteadiDrone platforms, allows for quick, tool-less setup and fold-up, transforming the vehicle into a ultra compact size for transport.


Physical characteristics

- Dimensions open (L x W x H; mm) : 960L x 970W x 495H (Dome), 600H (GPS Mast)
- Dimensions folded (L x W x H; mm) : 790L x 340W x 190H
- Diagonal length : 1320mm
- Weight Airframe : 3800g
- Weight RTF exc LiPo : 5800g (X4); 7600g (X8)
- Weight RTF inc LiPo : 10200g (X4); 12000g (X8)
- Weight MAX Payload : 4000g* (X4); 8000g* (X8)
- Weight MAX AUW : 14200g* (X4); 20000g* (X8)

Flight performance

- MAX forward speed : 20 m/s
- MAX climb rate : 9 m/s
- MAX descent rate : 6 m/s
- MAX range (Radio) : 1500m
- MIN operating temperature : -5°C
- MAX operating temperature : +50°C
- MAX operating wind : 11m/s
- Flight times : <50min*

*Specifications for standard RTF, higher payloads possible with different power options, specifications depend on various factors including ASL, temp etc.

Turn-key Solutions

Integrated ready to fly payloads

The SteadiDrone VADER is as an 'open' platform where clients can mount many different cameras, sensors and payloads for various different uses but we also offer turn-key, application specific options ready to fly with the payload already integrated. We will be offering different systems so please do check with our team for more info.