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'The build quality of the MAVRIK is the "best ever seen" I´m simply amazed!
he MAVERIK will replace my Freefly Cinestar Hexa completely. Pure quality components, fits perfectly'
Carsten Poulsen -


The SteadiDrone MAVRIK brings with it a new era of easy to use affordable drones you can fly with confidence. Whether it be work or play, the MAVRIK offers unique design features that make it a pleasure to operate everyday. Fully autonomous and intelligent, the MAVRIK allows for simple and effective capturing of aerial media, from the smoothest video filming to mapping and data acquisition, agriculture, search and rescue, waypoint mission planning and even 'follow me' features, the MAVRIK does it all and more, no longer do you need a different drone for every job, with the ability to now fly a huge variety of cameras and payloads with a single drone, get the job done quickly, reliably and save both time and money. 

What sets the MAVRIK apart from everything else available is our effective design, with features developed by aerial professionals, for aerial professionals, who need a practical, reliable drone they can easily travel with and fly everyday, able to focus on capturing the media needed rather than building and fussing with technical issues.



Apart from the obvious GPS guidance, fully autonomous modes, waypoint mission planning etc, the MAVRIK offers features not found on any other drone system, our 'Rapid Deploy' folding design allows setup within seconds without the need for any tools, simply click the arms into place and you're ready to fly. Other features include a rail supported gimbal system with an advanced vibration damping system and large brushless gimbal for a huge range of cameras and payloads, both fully adjustable according to payload size and weight. The gimbal also features the ability to point straight up, so you have over 190' of pitch freedom. Quick release removable landing gear, integrated LED and USB connection, removable molded dome cover and electronics hatch for tool-less access to electronics, vibration damping motor mounts and full support for X8 setup, offering added payload  and redundancy, the MAVRIK truly does it all, and looks amazing while doing it! 


Every SteadiDrone RTF system include everything you need to start flying out the box, simply add your own camera or payload and you're ready to go! The MAVRIK RTF system comes with a fully ready to fly MAVRIK quadcopter, hand built by expert SteadiDrone technicians, test flown and triple checked through a series of advanced quality and operational control checks to ensure you get the best. The kit also includes all the extras required to operate the drone, an advanced controller, data telemetry radios, flight battery and charger, propellers, tools etc, we even include a flight logbook, radio lanyard and stickers. Don't forget the MAVRIK also includes the integrated brushless gimbal powered by AlexMos controller along with the 3DR Pixhawk autopilot for intelligent GPS guided autonomous flight. For more info check out the SHOP

Simply put, the MAVRIK is designed for aerial professionals who want a complete, compact and reliable ready to fly drone they can travel with and operate everyday, focusing on capturing the aerial data they need and letting the MAVRIK take care of the rest. You are welcome to shop around and compare other systems with the MAVRIK, you will be hard pressed to find anything that offers all the advance features found on the MAVRIK.

From in the box to in the air in less than a few minutes, the MAVRIK offers a truly ready to fly platform you can trust.

Fly many different projects and missions with a single reliable platform, travel light and get the job done.

Don't be limited to a single camera, the MAVRIK lets you fly hundreds of different camera and payload options on a large fully adjustable stabilized brushless gimbal system.