Why not?

Why purchase a SteadiDrone ? Well, why not? SteadiDrone offers what we believe to be the best possible top quality aerial photo and video platforms available for the price. Our systems not only offer unique features for great prices but every single unit is professionally assembled with great care by highly experienced technicians, fully configured and setup, fully tested where we also test every single feature and system including all the GPS navigation systems, fail safes, flight performance and reliability, ensuring our clients really do receive a fully tested ready to fly top of the range system they can depend on and fly with confidence.

Our systems may appear to cost more than competitive units available, but notice all the included items that our RTF kits come with as standard, things you would need to buy sooner or later to operate your drone successfully. Don't be fooled by companies who advertise RTF kits that seem to be more affordable but do not include the things you really need and cost a great deal extra, not to mention the time and experience it takes to actually setup, and ' RTF' kits that are not correctly built or configured, where we really do provide READY TO FLY systems right out of the military spec pelican case, yes, it's included as well.

Key reasons to purchase a SteadiDrone:

  • Professionally assembled and fully tested 100% ready to fly out the box, no additional setup is required
  • Includes all the extras and accessories needed to operate your drone and start shooting photos or video right away
  • Quick release removable motor arms for 5 minute setup times and easy and safe transport and storage, no more spending the night building your rigs when travelling!
  • Ultra strong airframes for everyday use and abuse, able to support 50kg+, low profile design and ESC under the main frame for great airflow and reduces EMI
  • The leading software GUI available, very easy to use and configure and includes unlimited way-points and other advanced features at no extra cost
  • Reliable and cost effective - the best possible 'bang for the buck' systems available yet include all the top end advanced features
  • Gyro stabilized camera gimbals also fully built and tested to give you the best results from the start
  • Great customer technical support, advice, training and much more!

So why purchase a SteadiDrone ? If you can find a system that offers the level of build quality, features, included extras, performance and price, please let us know, we'd buy them as well! For any other information or questions, please get in touch with us, any time. Happy Flying!

SteadiDrone - Recent flying, testing and random fun! from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

About SteadiDrone

SteadiDrone is a leading uav drone company based in South Africa specializing in the development, manufacture and retail of advanced top of the range complete ready to fly quad, hex and large octo copter systems for aerial photography, video production and aerial digital cinema.      More info...

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