The SteadiDrone X8 Wing is a fully ready to fly long range multi-purpose fixed wing UAV for a wide range of aerial applications.
From aerial photography and video to FPV flying, search and rescue, sea rescue, mining, aerial surveillance, security, shark spotting, anti poaching, wild life, night time flights, thermal infrared security, first response and countless other uses, the X8 Wing offers our clients an all in one UAV system. The X8 Wing features removable wings for easy transport, full GPS guidance navigation system, auto take off and many other advanced features. This RTF kit comes fully tested and ready to fly with the following

  • ArduCopter APM 2.5 Flight Control System + Full advanced GPS system, unlimited
  • waypoint navigation, return to home, auto land fail-safes, GPS hold, ALT hold etc
  • Large fuselage area for cameras or other equipment
  • 800Kv T-Motor 3520 brushless motor
  • 80A ESC Motor controller
  • 12” Foldable Prop
  • Hi-Tec Aurora 9 Flight control radio system with touchscreen
  • Long range link up to 25km
  • Complete ground control station, laptop + pelican carry case
  • 433mhz long range wireless telemetry link
  • 2 x 5200mah 4S Batteries
  • AC/DC Battery charger + Battery checker alarm
  • Full wireless video downlink system with video LCD goggles
  • Padded carry bag / All accessories, software & manuals

Cameras - compact digitals, FLIR Tau, Ion Air, GoPro HD etc
Payload - ideal 200g to 1000g / max 2kg  (over and above drone weight)
Speed - 40 up to 160km/h (depends on payload) / Range - up to 25km
Dimensions - diameter 2100mm / weight 3.1kg (no battery)

Optional Extras / Composite wrap / Carbon Fibre wrap / Ion Air Pro HD Camera / Launch wheel carriage / Quick stop landing catch net system /Alpine aluminium battery carry case / Additional batteries

For more information and pricing on SteadiDrone RTF kits please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any time.

SteadiDrone X8 WING Cloudsurfing from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

Early morning FPV with SteadiDrone X8 from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

About SteadiDrone

SteadiDrone is a small private drone manufacturer based in South Africa that specializes in advanced top of the range complete ready to fly quad, hex and octo copter systems for aerial filming and video production. More info...

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