SteadiDrone MAVRIK Airframe

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SteadiDrone MAVRIK Airframe


The STEADIDRONE MAVRIK offers the best in medium lift commercial sUAS systems, compact, reliable and ready for any job. Its unique front mounted gimbal, with the ability to point directly upwards, and all the way down as well, along with the ‘rapid deploy’ design and other advanced features make the MAVRIK an ideal everyday working system.

The MAVRIK folds down into an ultra compact size, smaller than any other system of comparable size, it’s the only option for serious aerial professionals and industrial applications. The SteadiDrone MAVRIK is an ‘open’ platform which is not payload, camera, sensor or even flight controller specific, its the perfect system for fast, effective aerial operations.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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All SteadiDrone aircraft are designed as 'open' aerial platforms and are able to fly a huge variety of payloads, cameras and sensors. Turn-key, ready-to-fly solutions for different applications, our standard 'open' X4 and X8 systems as well as the 'M' and 'F' variants.
Contents SteadiDrone MAVRIK Airframe X4 / X8
Integrated Front Facing Brushless Gimbal (Excludes brushless gimbal controller)
MAVRIK Extras Kit
2.5mm Allen Key
Spanner 5.5/10mm
Lanyard + Sticker
Quick Start Guide USB Drive


MAX operational flight time (No payload) ± 20 min (X4) ± 12 min (X8)
MAX range (Endurance based on a 5m/s speed) 3.6 Km
MAX forward speed 18 m/s
MAX climb rate 9 m/s
MAX descent rate 6 m/s
MAX operational altitude (ASL) ± 4000 m (emty)
MAX range (Radio) 1500 m
MAX operating wind speed ± 11 m/s
MIN operating temperature -5 °C
Max operating temperature +50 °C

*Based on RTF version


Dimensions open (L x W x H) : 502 x 778 x 199 mm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) : 590 x 220 x 105 (X4) 121 (X8) mm
Diagonal length : 821mm
Weight Airframe : 1.3kg
Weight RTF ex LiPo : 2.1kg (X4) 2.8kg (X8)
Weight RTF inc LiPo : 2.88kg (X4) 3.68kg (X8)
Weight Payload : 1.5kg (X4) 2.2kg (X8)
Weight MAX AUW : 4.38kg (X4) 5.88kg (X8)