Ultra compact lightweight aerial tool.

The SteadiDrone FLARE, as it's name suggests, is a smaller compact sUAS developed with a front mounted gimbal to carry a wide variety of smaller cameras and payloads for commercial work where space is limited.

As with it's bigger brothers, the FLARE is an 'open' platform which is not payload, camera, sensor or even flight controller specific, it's ability to fly just about anything, along with its rapid deploy folding design and other unique features is what sets it apart from the rest, designed from the ground up, to the sky.

Key Features

  • Fully Adjustable

    Fully adjustable rail system and vibration dampers. Add or remove dampers and shift center of gravity to suite payload weight and size for the best flight and image results.

  • Front Mounted Gimbal

    Get the data you need! Ultra smooth video to high resolution imagery, the front mounted gimbal also allows to capture images directly above, ideal for inspection work.

  • Ultra Compact

    The FLARE is small, and once folded it's really small. Easy to transport and travel with, ideal for work where space is limited and you need to get in and out quickly.

  • GoPro Ready

    With a GoPro gimbal mount, the FLARE fully supports the entire GoPro range of cameras as well as other compact cameras with another included gimbal mount.


Physical characteristics

- Dimensions open (L x W x H; mm) : 440x645x180mm
- Dimensions folded (L x W x H; mm) : 485x220x115mm
- Diagonal length : 677mm
- Weight Airframe : 970g
- Weight RTF exc LiPo : 1700g
- Weight RTF inc LiPo : 2220g
- Weight MAX Payload : 800g (drone+gimbal); 250g (gimbal)
- Weight MAX AUW : 3020g

Flight performance

- MAX forward speed : 20 m/s
- MAX climb rate : 10 m/s
- MAX decent rate : 7 m/s
- MAX range (Radio) : 1500m
- MIN operating temperature : -5°C
- MAX operating temperature : +50°C
- MAX operating wind : 12m/s
- Flight times : <20min*

*Specs listed for standard RTF.

A Small package

with big results