Friday, 27 February marked our second financial year ending which makes us two years old. But do not be fooled by that young number. SteadiDrone has very quickly penetrated the UAV market and industry - every year improving on the previous, with more innovative and exciting products. 2015 marks for an exiting one as we are (hint hint) bringing you something brand new and never before seen: an all new... nah, will tell you later, so stay tuned!

The SteadiDrone team took the day off on Friday to unwind, have fun and kick back. We went to George, South Africa to have some friendly competitive bowling, with Duran de Villiers (SteadiDrone founder and Director), taking the bowling trophy home – as he does! Do note that the champion of the day achieved this brilliant act with his left hand due to preivous injury! We further went to a local pizza franchise and stuffed our faces with delicious pizza after which we rolled into the cinema and watched American Sniper. #Epic.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and clients for the amazing support and trusting in our product. We will remain to give you the best Drone support out there and keep you in tune with what's happening within the drone industry.