On Saturday, 14 March 2015, International Drone Day is celebrated. This day has been created to create awareness for the general public that drones are good and to stop the stigma that drones are only used for negative purposes.

SteadiDrone does not support or endorse or believe that drones should be used in the military or to harm a person or to violate a person’s privacy.

Instead, they aim to inspire film makers and media companies to create beautiful and never before seen footage on our TV and Movie Screens and to even map out regions for agricultural purposed – the positive possibilities are endless!

This industry and market is growing very fast, but is also new. Laws are busy being put in place right now and if we can’t show that they can mainly be used for good, then this new industry will not be able to practice this new method of creating material or doing great things.

On Saturday, Team South Africa - SteadiDrone, will gather at the Old Drift next to the Knysna River to demonstrate a few of our drones flying and what they are capable of. It will be from 08:00 untill 11:00. Bring a breakfast picnic and be amazed at our proudly Knysna, South African, international industry competitive product.

We had to cancel getting together for a flying session, so here is the public press release:

***International Drone Day - Team SteadiDrone - Event Cancellation Press Release***

Due to a letter received from the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) we are unfortunately forced to cancel the International Drone Day Event on Saturday, 14 March 2015 at Ou Drift in Knysna, South Africa.

Based on the letter received, the SACAA states that flying drones in South Africa is illegal, which can be argued as there are no laws or regulations for (or against) drones.

As much as we would love to share this amazing new technology with you, SteadiDrone also has a responsibility to abide by the local rules and stand by the SACAA in their decision. New rules and regulations are said to be out into place by the end of March 2015.

We look forward having our very own drone day soon!

The SteadiDrone Team