The new STANDARD, the new STEADIDRONE, say hello to the VADER. 

The most advanced, ultimate, long endurance, heavy lift multi-rotor drone will soon be available. The SteadiDrone VADER (replacing the SteadiDrone X) is a new breed of advanced design-aware technology, that gives you the best flying experience ever imagined.

We are giving a few sneak peaks away for you to get excited about the SteadiDrone VADER. We are planning on launching the all new VADER at the sUSB Expo in San Francisco next month.



Key Features:
  • <15kg Payload capacity

  • 60+ Minute endurance

  • Rapid Deploy folding airframe

  • Folding OR Retractable gear landing gear

  • X8 Drive with air cool ESCs

  • ESC built into tubes

  • Open top mounted payload bay with optional dome enclosure

  • Quick release bottom mounted payload bay with adjustable vibration damping

  • Folding GPS mast with enclosed wiring

  • Airframe hatch with tool-less access to electronics

  • Top quality aluminium flight case

  • Fully ready to fly with all extras and accessories

  • Long endurance

  • Capable of handling higher wind speeds and gusts.

With all of these brand new features available, the VADER will be the father of professional commercial multi-rotor drone systems.