In 2015 we have already seen major change in the drone industry; the FAA deciding on whether to legislate that drone pilots need a small aircraft pilot license or simply having to put rules in place. Drones are becoming a revolution within it's own right with a lot of small to large companies wanting and needing them for some sort of extension on their business or improving current situations (and how to make more money by doing so!). Amazon wants to deliver small packages to a consumer within 30 minutes of an online sale, but the FAA has decided that drones need to be operated in sight of the pilot. Sorry for Amazon's plans – for now at least. There are massive corporate versus governmental 'fights' that can go on for months and even years.


All of these rules and laws that are getting implemented is mostly influenced by the general public – what they think about it, how they feel about it and how safe they will be around it. A big problem though, is that people are misbehaving with drones. It's such fun to fly them, but behave and be sensible about what you action the drone to do. There was the completely harmless White House incident where no one got hurt and it was all good and well, but imagine if there was a bomb on it? Because of this one incident, a scare was caused and the White House and Washington DC declaring a no fly zone. The more irresponsible drone behaviors happen, the more rules, regulations and bureaucracy will get implemented to use these amazing machines. Any piece of technology can be used for good or for bad. At SteadiDrone, we use only for the greater good – for film makers to create awe-inspiring video material and farmers to know more about their farming terrain and how to improve their crops.

The future of drones is ultimately in the hands of the paranoid pessimist conspiracy theorist that is convinced that a cellphone will all of a sudden stand up and strangle them. A truck can get used in attacking innocent people in the middle east or a truck can get filled with your family and taken to the beach to have a wonderful day out (take your drone along for some cool family dronies!), it simply depends on what the human does with it. As droners we have to prove what amazing material can get created with these unmanned beauties and how lives can be saved and positively influenced. Make it your goal to do good with your drone. We introduce SteadiDrone's way of saying drone responsibly: Be #dronesponsible.