Duran de Villiers (Founder of SteadiDrone) and Jaco Horn (Drone Tech Geek and Support King) went out to test the FrSky Taranis X9D Radio and FrSky X8R-PCB Receiver to see what the range is.

Jaco had the receiver in hand with a servo connected to it (to simplify the set-up) and reported back to Duran with the Radio. The results were astounding. See below for a pic of the set-up. The servo that was moving while being controlled by radio is circled in red.


Next you'll see communication between Jaco and Duran and then the ultimate communication between the FrSky Taranis X9D radio and FrSky X8R-PCB receiver. The result is an amazing 2000 metres / 6561 feet! That servo was moving proper, even at that great distance.



The SteadiDrone 10.1” Field Monitor has the same range, depending on the conditions. This makes it great for having the best possible flying experience. See our additional gear page for more products to build up your drone.