SteadiDrone is a developer and manufacturer of advanced small unmanned aerial systems for commercial and industrial applications.

Drones are here, and they're here to stay. What's so exciting about what we do? It's the feedback and stories we hear from our clients and what they do with our aerial platforms. Everything from simple aerial photography to chasing birds off of airport runways, advanced mapping to delivering Pizza and beer! SteadiDrone is helping shape the future of where and how these amazing robots evolve, and how they can play an important role in everyday life and business. From ready to fly turn-key solutions to custom OEM manufacturing, we provide the highest quality aerial vehicles and airframes for any project. Our experienced technicians go above and beyond to ensure every system is test flown, triple checked and ready to get the job done.


From fully ready to fly systems to custom development and manufacturing,
we are here to provide our clients with the best in aerial platforms and after sales services.


We offer custom design, development, manufacturing, OEM, testing and quality control services. Get your ideas in the air with our experienced development team, from initial concept to large scale manufacturing, it's what we do.


Our platforms allow clients to fly a wide variety cameras and sensors to suit their individual needs. We also provide turn-key solutions where we integrate specific payloads for key industries like agriculture, mapping and more.


Our friendly staff, experienced technicians and support team is always there to help. Whether by phone, Skype, email or hands-on support in the field, we are here to assist and to keep you flying.


SteadiDrone's key service is of course our complete, ready to fly, aerial platforms. The Mavrik, the perfect partner for everyday aerial work and all round reliability, to the Vader, for heavy duty, long endurance applications.



The SteadiDrone Vader has been developed to offer the most advanced, heavy duty, heavy lift, long endurance sUAS in its class, with features you simply won't find elsewhere. A reliable workhorse for everyday commercial and industrial use, with high payload capacity and performance, the Vader folds down into a compact case making it the only option worth considering for serious aerial professionals.

SteadiDrone VADER Brochure

Vader Brochure


We've built the Mavrik to be the most affordable high quality medium lift sUAS available today, or tomorrow. With an all new fully adjustable rail supported front mounted brushless gimbal that will fly a wide variety of cameras, sensors and payloads with the ability to point straight up. Our 'Rapid Deploy' folding design and other features make the Mavrik a revolution in drone design and offers an aerial platform you can use every day.

SteadiDrone MAVRIK Brochure

Mavrik Brochure


A small, agile and ultra-compact platform for capturing aerial data anytime, anywhere. The Flare offers a reliable, practical, field repairable sUAS for commercial work and training. Mount the latest GoPro or just about any small compact digital camera, FLIR or other sensor, and have the power to capture the images and quality you need without being limited by a built-in low quality camera.

SteadiDrone FLARE Brochure

Flare Brochure

Endless Payload options

Open payload bay, Fly anything.

All SteadiDrone aircraft are designed as 'open' aerial platforms and are able to fly a huge variety of payloads, cameras and sensors. Turn-key, ready-to-fly solutions for different applications, our standard 'open' X4 and X8 systems as well as the 'M' and 'F' variants.


Ideal for agriculture and mapping, the SteadiDrone 'M' series offers a fully integrated MicaSense RedEdge multispectral camera sensor, along with a quick release stabilized gimbal, to provide the highest quality agriculture multispectral imaging available.


Capture incredible aerial media with the SteadiDrone VADER-F, fully equipped with a large 3-axis brushless gimbal and controller for various sized cameras. The VADER-F offers unmatched endurance, letting you focus more on shooting and less on charging batteries.


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